“It is something that can’t be duplicated with anything else, a unique service – the time to spend with families that we don’t have.”  Health Visitor








How to refer a family to Home-Start Butser

You should

  • Discuss Home-Start Butser with the family—they MUST agree to receive Home-Start Butser support.
  • Establish that the family has at least one child under the age of five—this is the key to Home-Start Butser support.
  • Contact your local Home-Start Butser with any questions or queries.
  • Complete a referral form, which indicates the family’s needs, any safety risks, and the parent’s signature indicating consent. You can complete this yourself.

The process/what to expect

When we receive a referral we will:

  • Set up an initial visit with the family to discuss their needs and tell them all about Home-Start Butser.  We aim to do this within 2 weeks of receiving a referral.
  • Carefully match the skills and experiences of a volunteer to the needs of the family.
  • Introduce the volunteer to the family (this may take time and if a suitable match cannot be made then you will be informed).
  • Let the referrer know when Home-Start Butser support starts and ends.
  • Keep the referrer informed, within confidentiality guidelines, about progress.

For how long is Home-Start Butser usually involved?

We regularly review the family and their needs.  Some families need to be visited for only a few months, others need longer contact. As long as there is a need and at least one child under five we are happy to remain involved.

What about confidentiality?

Privacy and respect are essential. A volunteer will not divulge anything that a family discusses on a personal level except possibly with the organiser. Only if there is concern about the welfare of children would confidentiality ever be breached.

Download our referral form here, you can also download our referrers' guide here.