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There is a wealth of research that agrees that children who are supported at home in their early learning are more likely to start school ready to learn. When children start school without skills such as being able to hold a pencil, recognise their name written down or aren’t toilet trained, it impacts upon their learning. This leaves them behind their peers making it difficult to catch up. As their education continues the gap continues to widen. 


Home-Start Butser fully recognises the impact of early learning on a child’s development and with the support of Children in Need funding, have introduced the Ready Steady Learn programme. We offer support either with a trained one-to-one home-visiting volunteer or focused groups in the community, aiming to help make the transition to school a positive experience. Support is tailored to each family’s needs and children will be offered opportunities to take part in a range of fun and educational activities designed to promote independence, language and communication, emotional confidence and their ability to take part in everyday activities at school.


To be eligible for the programme families must live within Home-Start Butser area and have at least one child under 5 years old. Professionals can refer families (with their consent) by using the referral form.


How can I get support?

Click here to contact us to refer yourself or ask for more information. If you prefer, you can ask your health visitor, family support worker or GP to refer you.